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Field of Hay 500ml

Field of Hay 500ml

STYLE: Pollinator Cider

AROMA & FLAVOR: Green apple and wine, chalk like minerality on the nose. The edgy and refreshing opening gives way to a balanced mid pallet lemon peel bitter. Herbaceous sweetness and grassy field notes carry through the lingering finish.

APPLE & FRUIT VARIETIES: High acid cider fruit like Ashmead's Kernel, Golden Russet, and Belle de Boskoop.

CIDERMAKER NOTES: This cider is a complement to the farmer, the maker of hay bales, the stewards of the valley. In this particular cider the hay came from Center Valley grown and harvested by Keith Kisler. There is much history of using straw and hay as a “cloth” in the apple press (search rack and cloth press) to make cider. Harkening back to this methodology the cider was run through a very “fresh from the field” hay bale composed of a mixed assemblage of pasture species. The cider is crisp and refreshing and earthy and like walking through a field of fresh cut hay.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Hot afternoons and evenings. Enjoy with citrus grilled chicken, smoked salmon with goat cheese and a view.

SWEETNESS: 1.002 dry


BOTTLE VOLUME: 500ml.(16.9oz.) 

ARTWORK: Kira Mardikes

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