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Olympic Onion Farm

Olympic Onion FarmOlympic Onion Farm is committed to producing delicious Green Onion Powder Blends, hand-crafted with pride on the Olympic Peninsula.

Do you like the flavor of Green Onions?

If you do, then our goal is to make you a customer.

As a regular consumer of any of our Green Onion Powder Blends, Olympic Onion Farm promises to provide you with Organic, Salt-Free, Gluten-Free, dried Green Onion Powder Blends. Olympic Onion uses only 100% Delicious Green Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, Habanero Peppers, and Garlic in the creation of our hand-crafted Green Onion Powder Blends.

Olympic Onion Farm, LLC

Olympic Onion Farm is located in the lavender-laden, farming community of Sequim, Washington. Also known around here as the warn and sunny 'Blue Hole' of the Pacific Northwest