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Nadine’s Kitchen

soulful catering and local food products


Nadine's KitchenLocal artist and culinary entrepreneur Grace Love started Nadine’s Kitchen food enterprise six years ago to carry on the legacy of Southern home cooking she experienced in her family growing up.  Her father had a dream of opening a restaurant someday and her mother, Nadine, was right behind him.  When Grace’s family moved to the Pacific Northwest, they adapted the recipes to regional ingredients while still maintaining allegiance to the flavors and cooking styles of the South.

Grace grew up with equal passion for music and for cooking, and made a career for many years as a renowned regional Soul musician and singer, producing multiple albums and filling venues around the PNW.  When she moved to Port Townsend, she decided to pursue food-making and launched Nadine’s Kitchen, offering prepared food at the farmers markets, doing catering and now expanding to a line-up of value-added products that harken to Grace’s roots while making the most of local ingredients.  

"Food is an essential part of me and my story. My ideas for soul food are all inspired by my family's recipes and the way I know food can bring us together,” says Grace.