Lavender Black Currant Wine


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STYLE: Brandy Dessert Wine

AROMA & FLAVOR: Bright apple brandy carries the earthy depth of the black currant. Sumptuous, thick, tart and full of rich, ripe flavor with a luscious florality that perfumes the nose and deepens the finish.

FRUIT VARIETIES: Brandy is distilled from cider made with organic Washington dessert apples, primarily high-acid varieties such as heirloom Granny Smith. Organic and/or regional black currants sourced.

CIDERMAKER NOTES : This brandy wine is fanciful variation of our lovely Black Currant Brandywine infused with organic lavender buds. It is gentle in the perfume, not overdone. The flower buds are steeped in brandy before blending with the fruit wine to pull deeper essences from the plant tissue.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS : A delightful summertime derivation of the Kir Royal (champagne and black currant liquor), a lovely addition to your favorite Lime Ricky, serve alongside summer no-bake fruit pies, with a bowl of cream Chantilly.

SWEETNESS : Dessert Wine



LABEL ARTIST: Anna Daeuble

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