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Plum Cyser 500ml

Plum Cyser 500ml

STYLE: Sour Cider

AROMA & FLAVOR: Rich floral fruit from the honey, it drinks like Spring air. Properly tart, with body and depth from the Brettanomyces and Pediococcus, twang from the Lactobacillus, and a gentle, bitter plum to finish the experience.

APPLE & FRUIT VARIETIES: Fermented on the farm with a select blend of Certified Organic WA apples, wildharvested and organic plums from Tonnemaker Hill Farms in Yakima, local Quilcene plums and honeyfrom Sequim Bee Farm in Port Angeles.

CIDERMAKER NOTES: To make a sour cider is to welcome the wildness of nature into the cider barn — where the fruit of the harvest is gathered, introduced to select microorganisms renowned for stirring up delightful complexity, and then blended from tank and barrel. Sour ales are as old as brewing itself and we reach back in time to the wild multi-organism fermentation traditions developed over the centuries. The Plum Cyser is a bright and gentle sour— a lovely highlight of fruit and the honeyed work of our pollinators. The organic plums were macerated and fermented whole in the cider for a lovely compliment of acids and funk.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: A crisp, refreshing cider— get it cold and take it to a picnic. Slide it into your beach bag and sip it with the sunset.

SWEETNESS: S. G. 1.004 off dry


BOTTLE VOLUME: 500 ml. (16.9 oz.)

ARTWORK: Anna Daeuble

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