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Kingston Black Trio

Kingston Black Trio

STYLE: Single Varietal


CIDERMAKER NOTES: The three ciders in this series represent artfully fermented renditions of the Kingston Black apple, from fruit grown in three distinct bioregions of Washington state. Each cider is pressed and then allowed to rest at cellar temperatures until natural yeast from the apples begin a spontaneous fermentation. As the dance of apple juice and microbes progresses through a slow fermentation, the cidermakers are guided by periodic tasting, which gives clues to the cider's ultimate identity and presentation in the glass. We encourage you to taste these ciders together (with friends!) and enjoy the sometimes subtle, sometimes overt, differences and similarities that show from a single apple cultivar when grown in different locations, presented to showcase the best of what the fruit has to offer. In doing so we celebrate the contributions of terroir, orchardist, microbe and cidermaker while triangulating the identity of the Kingston Black apple.

SWEETNESS:  Off-dry/semi-dry

ALCOHOL: 6.5% abv.

VOLUME: 500ml per bottle (3-bottle pack)

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