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Honey Meadow Gift Set

Honey Meadow Gift Set

Transport yourself or your loved one to the earthy, fresh beauty of a dewy spring meadow in the Pacific Northwest. All the vitality of the mountains and forests just waking up from winter recreated in our delicious cider and these lovely handmade items.

This set includes:
Honey Meadow Cider
Honey Meadow speaks directly to the roots, shoots, and blooms of Spring on the Olympic Peninsula. Locally harvested burdock and dandelion roots are dried and roasted in the farm’s wood-fired oven and then boiled into a house-made syrup. The roots balance the acidity with their earthy depth and nutty notes and then we add honey, from Sequim Bee Farm, to add the floral and herbs to honor the season. All the details on this cider can be found here.

Honey Meadow Postcard
Featuring the gorgeous label art from our cider, original watercolor image by local artist Anna Daeuble.

Honey Meadow Soap by Hidden Hollow Farms: 
Spoil yourself with one of Hidden Hollow’s handmade cider soaps featuring your favorite Finnriver ciders! Ingredients: Saponified Lard, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Distilled water, Finnriver Ciders, Essential oils. 

For more information about Hidden Hollow Farm, please visit our website: Hidden Hollow Farm

Honey Meadow Soy Candle by Bunny's Bath  
Bunny’s Bath makes natural handmade soap and skincare products. We carefully choose the plant-based oils and other ingredients that go into our soaps, lotions, face care and more, and avoid the use of synthetic materials to keep our products pure and simple. Our customers love the exceptional quality and value of the items they buy from us and appreciate our outstanding customer service. 

Bunny’s Bath was started in 2002 by environmental chemist Lyn Faas. Lyn began giving away handmade soap to friends and family, then expanded to sell at farmer’s markets and to a few select businesses, and eventually created a diverse product line to peddle via wholesale, private label and online retail. Lyn sold the business she built to current owner Amy Pacifera in July of 2018. 

For more information about Bunny’s Bath, please visit our website: Bunny’s Bath

Wildflower Honey from Sequim Bee Farm:
An award-winning specialty, this wildflower honey is a season-long collection of higher altitude flora. This produces a honey that is clear with a fuller flavor palate. Sequim Bee Farm is a fellow Good Food Award Winner and a star ingredient in our Honey Meadow Cider.  Shop their whole collection and learn more at  www.sequimbeefarm.com
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