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Finnriver Winter Pantry Package

Finnriver Winter Pantry Package

Hidden Hollow Cider Soap
Enjoy one of Hidden Hollow’s locally handmade 'cider soaps' featuring the flavors of Finnriver's Honey Meadow Cider, with dandelion and lemon balm. 

Finnriver Grain organic Spelt Pancake & Waffle Mix
Spelt - ‘Farro Grande’ - is an ancient grain thought to be a natural hybridization between Emmer and a wild goat grass.  This particular variety was released by Sustainable Seeds Systems Lab at WSU by Dr. Kevin Murphy and grown organically in the Chimacum Valley by Finnriver farmer Keith Kisler. This mix has been fresh milled on a stone mill to retain nutrition and character, and makes a wonderful whole grain pancake or waffle, with buttery and nutty mild flavors.  Feel free to experiment with recipes!

Spring Rain Farm Currant Jelly
Delicious seasonal jam handcrafted in small batches capturing the ripest organic currants of the PNW. Grown just down the road from us in Chimacum, WA at Spring Rain Farm.  No sugar added, just honey and organic fruit.

Sunrise Coffee - Locally Roasted!
A favorite of Port Townsend locals, Sunrise Coffee Starstruck blend is a whole bean Medium Dark Roast in a 12oz bag. A blend of organic beans from around the galaxy; Africa, Indonesia, the Americas, and Canis Major. 

Live Light Beeswax Pillar Candle
Live Light Beeswax Candles evoke the earthy quiet of a slowed down life. They smell amazing and burn beautifully. Jaqueline uses all domestic beeswax, sourcing from Sequim, WA, Tonasket, WA and North Dakota. Wicks are either cotton or hemp. This small pillar is 4” tall 2” in diameter.

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