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Finnriver Farmcrafted Meal January 22-24 (Vegetarian)

Finnriver Farmcrafted Meal January 22-24 (Vegetarian)

The Finnriver Kitchen is offering a weekly “heat & eat” take-out meal plan.  Each week, the Finnriver Kitchen will produce a tasty pre-cooked dish in a 9x9 pan, offering 2 hearty servings of a comforting, delicious and nutritious meal, which can be easily re-heated and enjoyed at home.  

This weeks menu:

Mushroom Lentil Shepard's Pie - Earthy blend of portobello, Cremimi, shiitake, Maitaki, oyster, andreishi  mushrooms, with lentils and buttery mashed potatoes.

Dishes will range with vegetarian and meat-inclusive offerings such as: Cassoulet, Coq Au Cidre, Ratatouille, or a Warming White Cheddar Macaroni. You can sign up for Vegetarian only, Meat-only or 4 weeks of alternating options. The 4th week vegetarian option will also be Gluten-Free. 

Dishes are created to highlight seasonal, locally sourced meat and veggies as much as possible from our local farms, including: Red Dog Farm, Finnriver Home Farm, Midori Farm, Mystery Bay Cheese, Samish Bay Creamery, Twin Sisters Creamery, SpringRain Farm, Egg & I Farm, Cape Cleare Fishery as well as other farms across the Olympic Peninsula and PNW region.

Pre-pay for one meal at a time (order online by Wednesday by 12pm) or purchase a monthly subscription (10% discount for pre-pay of 4+ meals at a time). Pick up each weekend at the Cider Garden during open hours.


  1. Thank you for understanding substitutions will be not be allowed for these meals
  2. Meals are served in a re-usable ceramic dish that will need to be returned the following week when you pick up your next meal or upon your next visit.  Remember to bring your dish back! 
  3. Deposits: $30 for club members, refundable upon bringing your dish back after the last meal. $15 for individual purchases, upon bringing your dish back.
  4. If you'd like to order individual meals during the month, please pre-order by Wednesday 12pm.
  5. $25 meal + $15 refundable deposit upon return
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