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Earth Mother Herbal

Earth Mother Herbal

Earth Mother Herbal is written by Shatoiya de la Tour, a local author and friend to Finnriver. The book is based on the apprenticeship program she taught for twelve years at Dry Creek Herb Farm and Learning Center in Auburn, California. Comforting, warm and wise, Earth Mother Herbal is a quirky, friendly look at herbal remedies for women who love plants. This book is a useful guide to harnessing the powers of herbs in a wide range of home remedies, healing balms, and wonderfully scented lotions. Unlike many herbal remedy books, this one focuses on the plants themselves, combining herb folklore and wisdom with practical information. Earth Mother Herbal is for people who choose natural remedies because they believe that nature provides a solution to every problem and that by paying attention to the earth’s rhythms we can achieve balance, wellness, and happiness. 

Shatoiya has worked with herbs for over 45 years. Shatoiya enjoys tending her herb, veggie, and flower gardens and preserving the bounty for off-season use. Along with her husband, Rick, (who worked at Finnriver for many years in production, until he recently retired), Shatoiya enjoys the community created by Finnriver and the love and respect for the land that pervades Center Valley.

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