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Brigid's Cross Workshop

Brigid's Cross Workshop

We find ourselves in a liminal time where the dream of winter still holds us in frosty mornings, the sun’s light grows with each day, and tiny underground stirrings begin. There is a promise of spring in the air and with this promise comes the gifts of renewal and growth.

A time of year also to tap into the many ritual crafts that run in our bloodlines, tying our hands, bodies and spirits into intimate relationship with the changing season and landscape.

One such craft is the Brigid’s Cross, named for the Celtic Goddess Brigid of fire, fertility, smithing, and poetry. These ‘crosses’ are traditionally made as greetings to Brigid on her day, Feb 1, but can be made at any time of year as symbols of the light returning and to contemplate the ways we are inextricably woven into the cycles and seasons that Brigid vividly represents. These protective charms are traditionally made with rushes, which will be locally harvested before the workshop, and can be hung over doorways or in other places in the home/farm you wish to bring protection and intimate beauty. 

Come on out to Finnriver on Sunday Feb 11th from 12:30-2:00 pm to weave with the rushes yourself! Instructor Maureen Walrath will help you make one, two, or three Brigid's Crosses of your own or to give as gifts to welcome in spring!  

Workshop cost is $25 and includes instructions, all materials, guidance and a drink token for use in the Finnriver taproom for any single serving of cider, beer or non-alcoholic option.  
We want to be accessible to all! For sliding scale cost adjustment, please email: maureenbiome@gmail.com

Pre-registration encouraged and appreciated

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/ Sunday, 11 February, 12:30 - 2pm
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