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Apple Abbey 500ml

Apple Abbey 500ml

STYLE: Belgian-inspired Craft Cider

AROMA & FLAVOR: A yeast adventure results in this silky, full-bodied cider. Lingering sweetness from the apples brings out tropical aromas of ripe banana, with hints of pepper and clove spice. A low acidity allows the lees to wander and create a gentle body. Nutty and bread-like finish.

APPLE VARIETIES: A select blend of Washington dessert apples from the Yakima Valley, including Jonagold and Cameo, Gala and Honey Crisp.

CIDERMAKER NOTES: We ferment this cider in two batches, with one strain of Belgian-style abbey yeast, at high temperatures. Combined, these ferments present the archetypal Belgian beer nose of tropical fruit with hints of spice and pepper.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Pour into a glass to embrace the haze and take deep breaths of fruit and yeast. Enjoy the depth, mouthfeel and complexity in this silky, full-bodied drink. Serve as a marvelous dessert cider or enjoy with a flavorful meal or tangy cheeses.

SWEETNESS: Semi-Sweet, 1.012 (2.8% brix)


BOTTLE VOLUME: 500 ml. (16.9 oz.)

ARTWORK: Anna Daeuble

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